Sunny + Li – Chinese Style Toronto Wedding

Everyone’s wedding is unique and different..
It’s wonderful when cultural & traditional touches are infused to ones wedding day.

The day began with the getting ready with the groom, then the bride.
We love capturing the moments when the best men helps the groom put on the tie or in this case the bow and the joy of the bride’s mother as she laces up the dress.

The ceremony was in Mandarin, and broadcasted in English via radio.

Sunny and Li chose to host their wedding reception at Casa Imperial fine Chinese cuisine restaurant. The venue was elegant. Tables adorned with floral centre pieces, and Chinese wedding favor boxes for all guests.  Reception started with some family pictures,  followed by the pouring of Champagne. Toasts and speeches made.

The evening ended with a traditional Chinese game of biting the apple on a string which sole purpose is  to get the bride and groom to kiss. An apple is hung form a string. The couple is to try to bite the apple from opposite ends. At the moment they lean forward for the bite the person holding the apple pulls it away, letting the couple’s lips come together.


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