About DeCordova

Hi my name is Enrique De Cordova. Photography is what I do.

I am a photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, and specialize in engagement and wedding photography.
Whether it’s a local or a destination wedding, I am available to photograph your special moments.

Thanks to my grandfather for silently inspiring me to love photography.
Long ago were the days I would observe him pull out his Hasselblad, fiddle with settings,
and snap amazing pictures.
It wasn’t until many years later with the introduction of digital cameras that my hobby began.
Trips, party, events, going out somewhere with friends or family, I began to resemble my grandfather patiently and passionately takingĀ  time to capture those moments.

There is something about taking a picture. It’s the creation of a long lasting memory of a moment in time.
A visual memory that can be reflected on many times over. A memory that can be shared.
This is my feeling every time I hold up the camera.